Montag, 17. Juni 2013

God has chosen you

Das hat er angeblich vorgestern.
Heute dann sogar "for the last time".
Zumindest, wenn man einer gewissen Gine R. glauben darf, die sich in letzter Zeit in mein Emailfach geschlichen hat.

Dear Gine,
what has God me chosen for?
If God has special work for me to do I think he'd rather contact me in person than via another one.
Although he likes the drama of prophets I think even God knows today the instant power of FB or What's App.
Maybe he's already sent me a friendship request I haven't answered yet, let me see...
And by the way, isn't God full of patience?
Then explain what the "last time" means. Sounds like some "super-soul-sales-out" to me and reminds me somehow, I really don't know why, of Mel Brooks as he dropped five of the 15 commandments, yet known as 10. Even then God hasn't lost his humor.
Or hers.
We still don't really know what sex he is.
Or she.
Please let me know what you think about that, oh and don't worry. My soul's already taken by some weird-ass guy from "down under" (just in case you catch my sweet sarcasm).

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